Adios San Diego!

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The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind in San Diego. I’ll just get down to the bad. Due to some unexpected mechanical issues that required yard repairs (which took much longer than quoted and cost significantly more), AND a couple other things that didn’t go in our favor we are feeling a bit like this town chewed us up, spat us out and stomped on us. And that’s as far as I’ll go with that.

At low tide the dock was about 8 feet higher than Samadhi’s deck and she was constantly filthy with work yard grime

We do love this town and area and got to do some really fun things and spend lots of time as a family. We got to play pickle ball, go body boarding, hike 5 different peaks, participate in an airlift rescue of an injured hiker (none of us were the injured!), do lots of swimming, visit the Midway aircraft carrier, and see various military aircraft overhead daily. The last 2 are huge for our future helicopter pilot. Oh and since I do love food I should mention we ate at our 2nd favorite breakfast restaurant in the whole world (so far anyway). We met lots of wonderful people in the marina and RV park and nearly everywhere we went. Ever heard of ”the Seattle freeze”? It’s real. So real. Learn to say good morning to a stranger you unfriendly people of the Pacific Northwest! Rant over.

Sonny owning the Vet’s office getting his health certificate
Ranger getting a bath

We are anxious to get moving as we’re 3 days late starting the sailing rally we were to participate in to Cabo San Lucas (thanks previously mentioned mechanical issues). But the four of us are healthy, happy, and together. Now, let’s get this adventure underway!

What a mess!
Hiking the final peak
5 Peak Challenge accepted and conquered by these 2 super kids!
Getting boarded by the coast guard
That’s our engine Sitting on a pallet.
Where’s the big blue monster?
New gen set

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