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We spent the next two days doing school work, playing games, working on sewing projects and exploring the Broken Group with our dinghy. The weather was not that great and we did not want to run into nasty weather kayaking 3 miles from our boat. The dinghy with its 20hp motor allows us to cover a lot of ground quickly and can handle some otherwise uncomfortable choppy seas. We found many interesting beaches that allowed us to get out and stretch our legs. At one point as we traveled amongst the islands I asked Victoria to count how many islands she could see at that moment. She counted 31! Each of those 31 had its own unique characteristics that make this place so special. We drove around at least half of them and we went ashore on a few of them. Many had beautiful forests that encompassed every square inch of the island with trees actually growing right down to the shoreline. Many had large sea caves that inspired our curiosity and begged us to get as close as the ocean swell would allow. Some had small patches of sandy beaches that allow us to safely put ashore while others were surrounded with rocks and reefs that threatened to (along with the ocean waves)  crush any boats that got too close to their shores. The one thing that they all have in common is the life. Life is everywhere, on every square inch of land and sea. Trees grow out of rock, tiny fish schools are seen often, Starfish inhabit every rock and reef. Giant green sea anemones line the rocks just below the surface.  We have always wanted Victoria and Alexander to appreciate nature and all that it is capable of. In this place it is impossible not to appreciate nature’s beauty, power and tenacity.

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