Cypress Head – April 21, 2017

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April 21, 2017

Headed to Cypress Island this morning, no wind is forecasted for the day. We decided to anchor at Cypress head vs. Eagle Harbor this time. It’s a small anchorage with mooring buoys, the depth is either really deep or really shallow and there is LOTS of eel grass which makes anchoring difficult. The buoys are only rated for boats up to 45’ so we have to anchor, when we back down on the anchor you can literally feel it bouncing until it catches which is a strange feeling because our monster anchor usually catches immediately. Anyway, we attempted the Cypress Head hike up to the airfield. We only made it 2 miles before the kids were starving and had to be fed immediately. With no lunch packed we headed back to the boat to make lunch. After lunch the winds picked up and the anchorage got uncomfortable so we weighed anchor for home.

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