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Sorry to get you excited, there are no pictures of Samadhi before beautiful glaciers. How could we take such an epic trip and not get any photos? It’s because Samadhi didn’t go to Alaska, in fact neither did Dan, Victoria or Alexander. Dan’s parents have been cruising a few months and their big trip this year is Alaska. Ashley has been in need of a break and they’d really like family to visit so she flew up to Petersburg, AK with Kimmy (Dan & Ashley’s niece). It was an amazing trip and the scenery can’t be beat. Every single day we saw humpback whales, they are easy to spot there because their blows make lots of mist with the difference in the water and air temperature. We did some exploring, took a boat tour to the LeConte Glacier (the most southern salt water terminating glacier), took their boat down this ridiculously narrow passage to the end of Mitkof Island, and eventually worked our way to Wrangell where Ashley said goodbye and flew home. Kimmy stayed another week to enjoy fishing and hanging out with grandma and grandpa. On the flight home there was tons and tons of people that had run a marathon in Wrangell that day, turns out they’d run another marathon the day before. They are called the Marathon Maniacs and I got to sit next to Larry Macon and his wife. This guy averages 2 marathons a week. Did I mention he’s 70+ years old?!?!

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