Crying in the Marina – July 24, 2015

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July 24, 2015

The kids mostly sleep through the night but every so often one of them cries and needs some comfort to get back to sleep. Last night Ashley kept waking to what sounded like one of the kids crying, each time it turned out it wasn’t and the sound wasn’t coming from their room anyway. We stayed in the marina so we could work on the boat the next day. The next morning she got up to take Ranger to shore for his potty break and found a baby seal with the umbilical cord still attached trying to get onto the docks and trying to nurse on the hulls of boats. The seal found a ski boat and was trying to get onto the outdrive to rest as the docks were just too high for her to get on. She’d get onto the outdrive, relax to rest and roll right off. She was so distressed, exhausted and clearly hungry. We devised a plan to partially submerge one of our kayaks so she could rest. Sure enough she got on after trying to nurse on the hull and rudder of Samadhi. She slept there about 5 hours before she disappeared. We like to think there was a happy ending and she eventually found her mom.

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